Official course description: Four credits. Three class periods and one 3-hour laboratory period. Students who have passed CHEM 1122 will receive only 2 credits for CHEM 1127 but 4 credits will be used for calculating the GPA. CHEM 1127 is not open for credit to students who have passed CHEM 1124 or 1137Q or 1147Q; CHEM 1128 is not open to students who have passed CHEM 1126Q or 1138Q or 1148Q. Designed to provide a foundation for more advanced courses in chemistry. Atomic theory; laws and theories concerning the physical and chemical behavior of gases, liquids, solids, and solutions. Properties of some of the more familiar elements and their compounds. Quantitative measurements illustrating the laws of chemical combination in the first semester lab. Equilibrium in solutions and qualitative reactions of the common cations and anions in the second semester lab. A fee of $10 is charged for this course for the first semester and $27 for the second semester. CA 3-LAB.