Official course description: This course is typically offered in Fall and Spring. This course, with Biology 1111 (0101), makes up the introductory series for Biology majors. Both courses must be completed with a grade of C or better before students will be allowed to take the second level of required courses in the Biology curriculum, Biology 2296 (2203, 0203) and 3096 (W204), without the instructors’ permission. Biology 2112 (0102) is designed to be taken in the fall of the sophomore year. This course provides an introduction to the fundamental concepts of biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology and genetics. Topics covered include the structure of important biological macromolecules, enzyme kinetics, metabolic pathways, photosynthesis, cell changes during mitosis and meiosis, DNA replication, transcription, translation and genetic analysis. NOTE: This is part of the introductory series for Biology majors. There are weekly laboratories that emphasize hands-on experience with living material. Students must pass this course with a C or better to take upper level Biology courses.