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Q. Two long straight parallel wires separated by a distance of 20 cm carry currents of 30 A and 40 A in opposite directions. What is the magnitude of the resulting magnetic field at a point that is 15 cm from the wire carrying the 30-A current and 25 cm from the other wire?

Solved • Mar 21, 2018

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Solved • Mar 28, 2018

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Solved • Apr 1, 2018

Q. Need help please...

Solved • Mar 28, 2018

Q. For example 2 on Ch 6: Work by Gravity & Inclined Planes I don't know how to determine where the 37 degree angle should be on my free body diagram. I feel like if I understood this, then I'd be able to solve these problems without much difficulty

Solved • Mar 27, 2018

Q. a 7000kg spaceship comes to rest from 800m/s downward, in 90s, while landing vertically, what braking force must its rockets provide?

Solved • Mar 20, 2018

Q. a plane flying at a velocity of 115.0 m/s plane drops a 100 kg care package from a height of H as shown in the sketch below. The package hits the ground with a total velocity of 255 m/s

Solved • Mar 16, 2018