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Q. help!!

Solved • Dec 14, 2016

Q. Assembling point charges into a triangle

Solved • Dec 14, 2016

Q. A charge on a string spinning in a magnetic field

Solved • Dec 14, 2016

Elastic Collisions

Q. can someone help me solve this exercise? the way i have been trying to do it does not give me the right answer.

Solved • Dec 2, 2016

Intro to Angular Collisions

Q. I want to get explanation, so I can understand questions 1 and 2 below

Solved • Dec 1, 2016

2D Collisions

Q. Questions in chapter 10 (torque and rotational inertia)

Solved • Nov 30, 2016

Q. Any help would be appreciated. A heavy rope 6.00 m long and weighing 20.4 N is attached at one end to a ceiling and hangs vertically. A 0.510-kg mass is suspended from the lower end of the rope.

Solved • Nov 30, 2016