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Q. Ok so I have a little confusion, hopefully you guys can answer it tomorrow, what is the difference between g and G in Physics? g is an ACCELERATION, what is G?

Solved • May 23, 2018

Q. The recommended daily allowance (RDA) of the trace metal magnesium is 410 mg/day for males. Express this quantity in μg/day.

Solved • May 18, 2018

Q. Acceleration & Velocity

Solved • May 17, 2018

Q. Physics 1

Solved • May 16, 2018

Q. eletromagnetic wave

Solved • May 6, 2018

Q. A uniform plank of length 2.00 m and mass 35.0 kg is supported by three ropes as shown by the three vectors in the figure below. STATICS

Solved • Jul 24, 2017

Q. help

Solved • Apr 23, 2018