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Organometallic Retrosynthesis

Q. Provide three pairs of ketone and Grignard reagents which can give the same molecule shown below

Solved • Jun 17, 2019

SNAr vs. Benzyne

Q. Predict the products for each of the following reactions. Just to keep you on your toes, I will throw in some problems that go through an addition-elimination mechanism (SNAr), rather than an elimination-addition. Decide which mechanism is responsible for the reaction (based on whether or not you have all three criteria for an SNAr mechanism).

Solved • Jun 16, 2019

Infrared Spectroscopy

Q. Briefly describe the relationship between the stiffness of a chemical bond and the frequency of the band in IR spectroscopy. Repeat for the relationship between mass of atoms and frequency.

Solved • Jun 16, 2019


Q. Bond dissociation energies are always positive or negative? Explain briefly.

Solved • Jun 16, 2019

Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution

Q. How will I know whether a reaction will be an SnAr mechanism, an elimination-addition or an addition-elimination mechanism? What criteria must each follow?

Solved • Jun 16, 2019

Resonance Hybrids

Q. Below are two benzyl anions (A & B). Anion A is much more stable than anion B even though both possess the same number of charges and almost the same atoms. Draw ALL possible STABLE resonance structures for both A and B.

Solved • Jun 16, 2019

Allylic Bromination

Q. i need help with the mechanism for bromination with NBS using peroxide.

Solved • Jun 15, 2019