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54 solutions

Molecular Polarity

Q. Which bonds in this molecule are polar? List them. How many pi bonds are shown in this chemical structure?

Solved • Dec 5, 2019

Molecular Polarity

Q. Which of the following has a permeant dipole? a) H2S b) CO2 c) SCI6 d) BH3

Solved • Dec 2, 2019

Molecular Polarity

Q. Which of the following substances would you expect to have a nonzero dipole moment? XeF2

Solved • Nov 25, 2019

Molecular Polarity

Q. In each group, pick the compound with the most polar bonds. i) SiCl4, SCl2, PCl3 ii) HCl, HBr, HI iii) CH4, HF, H2O the correct answer is i) SiCl4 ii) HCl iii) HF , but I'm not sure how they decided SiCl4 was the best choice out of the other two options

Solved • Nov 26, 2019

Molecular Polarity

Q. Pure Sulfur under naturally occurring state is made up of nonpolar S8 molecules. Sulfur would be most soluble in _____ . A. H2O B. CH3OH C. CCl4 D. HF(aq) E. Liquid ammonia

Solved • Nov 23, 2019

Molecular Polarity

Q. The four bonds of carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) are polar, but the molecule is nonpolar because the bond polarity is canceled by the symmetric tetrahedral shape.

Solved • Nov 23, 2019

Molecular Polarity

Q. The bond in which one of the following pairs of atoms would be the least polar?

Solved • Nov 20, 2019