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34 solutions

Formal Charge

Q. What is the formal charge on the nitrogen in hydroxylamine, H2NOH? a) -2 b) -1 c) +1 d) +2 e+ 0

Solved • Feb 10, 2020

Formal Charge

Q. Which of the following has the lowest formal charge on the central atom, the first atom in the formula? (Assume that the electron-dot formula obeys the octet rule.) A. CO3^2- B. NO3^- C. SO3 D. ClO3^- E. NH4^+

Solved • Feb 11, 2020

Formal Charge

Q. Draw the Lewis structures for the following compounds and give the formal charges for each atom. Calculate the number of oxygen atoms in 10 grams of each compound. 1. Arsenate

Solved • Jan 24, 2020

Formal Charge

Q. What is the formal charge on the Xe atom in XeF4? -4 +4 +2 0 -2

Solved • Dec 11, 2019

Formal Charge

Q. Assign formal charges to each atom in the resonance form for SOCl2 given below (non-bonding electrons are not shown).

Solved • Dec 5, 2019

Formal Charge

Q. What is the formal charge of sulfur in the ion SO4-2 when the octet rule is obeyed? Include the + or - sign in the answer.

Solved • Nov 18, 2019

Formal Charge

Q. How many covalent bonds will be drawn to bromine in BrO 4 – for the dot structure that expands the octet to minimize formal charge and if necessary places negative formal charges on the most electronegative atom(s).

Solved • Nov 18, 2019