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Q. Under certain conditions, the substance hydrobromic acid can be broken down to form hydrogen and bromine. If 32.3 grams of hydrobromic acid react to form 0.4 grams of hydrogen, how many grams of bromine must simultaneously be formed?

Solved • Jan 21, 2020


Q. A self-contained breathing apparatus uses potassium superoxide, KO2, to convert the carbon dioxide and water in exhaled air into oxygen. 4KO2(s) + 4CO2(g)--->4KHCO3(g) + 3O2(g) How many molecules of oxygen gas will be produced from 0.0468 g of carbon dioxide exhaled in a typical breath in excess KO2 and water?

Solved • Dec 16, 2019


Q. What is the maximum mass of aluminum chloride that could be obtained from reacting 1250 g of barium chloride and excess aluminum sulfate? This is the balanced equation for the reaction. Al2(SO4)3 + 3 BaCl2 → 3 BaSO4 + 2 AlCl3

Solved • Dec 10, 2019


Q. Sulfuric acid can dissolve aluminum metal according to the following reaction: 2 Al(s) + 3 H2SO4 (aq) ---> Al2(SO4)3 (aq) + 3 H2 (g). Suppose you wanted to dissolve an aluminum block with a mass of 27.7g. What minimum amount of H2SO4 in grams would you need? How many grams of H2 gas would be produced by the complete reaction of the aluminum block?

Solved • Nov 30, 2019


Q. Consider the following balanced chemical equation: 5 C(s) + 2 SO2 (g)→ CS2 (g) + 4 CO(g) a. If 12.6 g of carbon react with excess sulfur dioxide, what mass of carbon monoxide is expected? b. How many carbon atoms reacted in part (a)?

Solved • Nov 25, 2019


Q. How many grams of sulfuric acid, H2SO4, can be obtained from 578 grams of iron ore if the ore is 76.0% FeS? The reactions involved are given below. Each reaction is 92.0% efficient. 4 FeS + 7O2 → 2 Fe2O3 + 4 SO2 2 SO2 + O2 → 2 SO3 SO3 + H2O → H2SO4

Solved • Nov 23, 2019


Q. Calculate the mass in kilograms of the amount of the following iron compound that contains 1.0 x 10^3 kg of iron: Fe2O3

Solved • Nov 21, 2019