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Empirical Formula

Q. Determine the empirical formula for a compound that contains 58.8 % C, 9.8 % H, and 31.4 % S by mass.

Solved • Apr 3, 2020

Empirical Formula

Q. Measurements show that unknown compound X has the following composition: Elements mass% calcium 38.7% phosphorus 19.9% oxygen 41.2% Write the empirical formula of X.

Solved • Mar 26, 2020

Empirical Formula

Q. A small coil of magnesium ribbon is placed in a crucible. The crucible cover have a mass of 21.35 grams. Measuring the mass, including the magnesium, gives 21.63 grams. The crucible, cover and contents are heated and then cooled and treated with water. A second heating and measuring of the final product (magnesium combined with oxygen) gives a mass of 21.82 grams. Determine the empirical formula of this oxide of magnesium.

Solved • Mar 24, 2020

Empirical Formula

Q. Two elements, A and B, combine to form two binary compounds. In the first compound, 13.23g of A combines with 2.83g of B. Inthe second compound, 5.07g of A combines with 3.25g of B. If the formula of the second compound is AB, what is the possible formula of the first compound?

Solved • Mar 12, 2020

Empirical Formula

Q. A compound containing nitrogen and oxygen is decomposed in the laboratory and produces 1.78 g of nitrogen and 4.05 g of oxygen. Calculate the empirical formula of the compound. Express your answer as a chemical formula.

Solved • Mar 10, 2020

Empirical Formula

Q. Diazomethane is a highly poisonous, explosive compound. The reason it is explosive is that it readily evolves N2. Diazomethane has the following composition by mass: 28.57% C; 4.80% H; and 66.64% N. the molar mass of diazomethane is 42.04 g/mol. Find the molecular formula of diazomethane. Express your answer as a chemical formula.

Solved • Feb 25, 2020

Empirical Formula

Q. Vanadium forms four different oxides in which the percent by mass of vanadium is respectively 76%, 68%, 61%, and 56%. Give the name of the second oxide. a) vanadium(I) oxide b) vanadium(V) oxide c) vanadium(III) oxide d) vanadium(II) oxide e) vanadium(IV) oxide

Solved • Feb 21, 2020