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182 solutions

Mole Concept

Q. How many atoms of oxygen are in 1.0 g of Ca(ClO4)2 (MW 239.0)?

Solved • Jan 12, 2020

Mole Concept

Q. A block of lead has dimensions of 4.50cm by 5.20cm by 2.36in. The block weighs 1591g. A sample of the lead is added to graduated cylinder containing 45.5ml of water and water level rises to the 49.1ml mark on the cylinder. Determine the number of protons in the sample.

Solved • Jan 3, 2020

Mole Concept

Q. A sample of pure aluminum contains 5.234* 10^24 protons. what is the mass of the sample?

Solved • Jan 2, 2020

Mole Concept

Q. Aspartame is an artificial sweetener that is 160 times sweeter than sucrose when dissolved in water. The molecular formula of aspartame is C14H18N2O5. 1) what is the mass, in gram, of 1 molecule of aspartame? 2) what is the mass, in amu, of 1molecule of aspartame?

Solved • Dec 31, 2019

Mole Concept

Q. 1) One mole of CO2 contains _____ molecules of CO2. 2)One mole of CO2 contains _____ grams of CO2. 3)One mole of CO2 contains _____ atoms of carbon.

Solved • Dec 29, 2019

Mole Concept

Q. what is the mass of 1mol Be(OH)2?

Solved • Dec 28, 2019

Mole Concept

Q. 1)The mass, in grams, of one mole of sodium atoms is____ 2)The mass, in grams, of one sodium atoms is _____

Solved • Dec 28, 2019