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8 solutions


Q. Indicate whether the following reactions are homogeneous or heterogeneous:

Solved • Nov 15, 2019


Q. All of the following statements describing solutions are true except

Solved • Nov 7, 2019


Q. A(n) ____ contains only one type of atom, whereas a(n) ____ is composed of two more different elements bonded together. A(n) ____ also contains more than one substance, but these can be separated by physical means, whereas the components of a compound cannot.

Solved • Sep 13, 2019


Q. Classify each substance as pure substance or mixture and indicate the type of each of them ( element, compound or homogeneous, heterogeneous) 1- sweat 2- carbon dioxide 4- rust 5- oxygen gas 6- bronze alloy 7- honey

Solved • Sep 10, 2019


Q. Which of the following can be classified as pure compound?

Solved • Aug 27, 2019


Q. The blue spheres below represent atoms. What state of matter is depicted by each graphic? Drag each item to the appropriate bin.

Solved • Aug 27, 2019


Q. Match each description to the appropriate phase of matter. Drag the appropriate items to their respective bins.

Solved • Aug 26, 2019