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Mass Percent

Q. A reagent occasionally used in chemical synthesis is sodium-potassium alloy. (Alloys are mixtures of metals, and Na- K has the interesting property that it is liquid.) One formulation of the alloy contains 73 atom percent K; that is, out of every 100 atoms, 73 are K and 27 are Na. What is the mass percent of potassium in sodium-potassium alloy?

Solved • Jan 29, 2020

Mass Percent

Q. An aqueous solution of 6.02 M hydrochloric acid HCl, has a density of 1.10 g/mL. The percent by mass of HCl in the solution is ____ %.

Solved • Jan 28, 2020

Mass Percent

Q. a 0.5895-g sample of impure magnesium hydroxide is dissolved in 100.00 mL of 0.2050 M HCl solution. The excess acid then needs 19.85 mL of 0.1020 M NaOH for neutralization. Calculate the percentage by mass of magnesium hydroxide in the sample, assuming that it is the only substance reacting with the HCl solution.

Solved • Jan 11, 2020

Mass Percent

Q. 7. The mass percent of acetic acid (CH3COOH) in a bottle of vinegar is 5.45% in water. What is the molar concentration of acetic acid in vinegar, assuming the density of vinegar is 1.005 g·mL-1? Please explain this thoroughly.

Solved • Dec 17, 2019

Mass Percent

Q. After completing an experiment to determine gravimetrically the percentage of water in a hydrate, a student reported a value fo 38 percent. The correct value for the percentage of water in the hydrate is 51 percent. Which of the following is the most likely explanation for this difference?

Solved • Dec 8, 2019

Mass Percent

Q. Concentrated HCl has a concentration of 36.0% HCl by mass. Calculate the molar concentration of HCl. The density of the HCl solution = 1.19 g/mL.

Solved • Dec 7, 2019

Mass Percent

Q. A sulfuric acid solution has a density of 1.10 g/mL and its molarity is 0.300 M. Calculate the concentration of that solution in units of weight (mass) percent.

Solved • Nov 24, 2019