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7 solutions

Combined Gas Law

Q. A sample of a gas in a piston/cylinder apparatus occupies 293.6 mL at 1.3 atm and 10.3°C. If the volume of the sample is increased to 68.6 mL and the temperature changes to 33°C, what is the new pressure, in atm, of the sample? Do not enter units with your answer.

Solved • Apr 3, 2020

Combined Gas Law

Q. A sample of argon gas at a pressure of 950 mm Hg and a temperature of 70 °C, occupies a volume of 7.42 liters. If the gas is cooled at constant pressure to a temperature of 37 °C, the volume of the gas sample will be _____ L.

Solved • Feb 12, 2020

Combined Gas Law

Q. A high altitude balloon is filled with 1.38x 104 L of hydrogen at a temperature of 22°C and a pressure of 739 torr. What is the volume (in L) of the balloon at a height of 20. km, where the temperature is —48°C and the pressure is 63.1 torr?

Solved • Jul 25, 2019

Combined Gas Law

Q. A sample of xenon gas occupies 18.70 L at a pressure of 11.70 atm and 45.00^oC o C . What volume would the xenon occupy at STP?

Solved • Jul 27, 2019

Combined Gas Law

Q. A syringe initially holds a sample of gas with a volume of 285 mL at 355 K and 1.88 atm. To what temperature must the gas in the syringe be heated/cooled in order to have a volume of 435 mL at 2.50 atm? answers: 139 K 572 K 175 K 466 K 721 K

Solved • Jul 16, 2019

Combined Gas Law

Q. A sample of gas occupies 1.35 L under standard conditions i.e. , 0 degrees Celsius temperature and 100 kPa pressure. What temperature would be required for this sample of gas to occupy 2..15 L and exert a pressure of 225 kPa in both kelvin and degrees Celsius

Solved • Jul 16, 2019

Combined Gas Law

Q. A sample of gas has a volume of 15.0 gallons at 47ºC at a pressure of 20.0 in Hg. Calculate the pressure in atmospheres of the sample with a volume of 50.0 gallons at 187ºC.

Solved • Apr 11, 2019