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Mass Spectrometry

Q. The two naturally occurring isotopes of bromine are • 81-Br( 80.916 amu, 49.31%) and • 79-Br ( 78.918 amu, 50.69%). The two naturally occurring isotopes of chlorine are • 37-Cl (36.966 amu, 24.23% ) and • 35-Cl (34.969 amu, 75.77%). Bromine and chlorine combine to form bromine monochloride, What are the masses of the four different BrCl molecules? Rank the molecules (listed below along with the abundances of the individual atoms) by the height of their peaks in the mass spectrum for BrCl. Rank from highest to lowest peak. To rank item as equivalent, overlap them.

Solved • Feb 8, 2020