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4 solutions

Normality & Equivalent Weight

Q. If a normal blood sample contains 4.5 meg/L of calcium ion, how many mg of calcium are contained in a 25.0 mL blood sample? a) 5.6 mg b) 9.0 mg c) 2.3 mg d) 1.4 mg e) 2.8 mg

Solved • Nov 7, 2019

Normality & Equivalent Weight

Q. How many g in 10.0 mEq of Ma^2+? a) 24.3 g b) 12.3 g c) 0.243 g d) 0.486 g e) 0.122 g

Solved • Nov 7, 2019

Normality & Equivalent Weight

Q. What is the normality of a solution created by diluting 53.35 gm phosphoric acid (H3PO4) to 1.000 L? My prof. did it in class but he skipped a lot of steps and I completely spaced out on it. Could you please help with it?

Solved • Aug 27, 2019

Normality & Equivalent Weight

Q. A student carries out a reaction in which the ion MnO4^- is reduced to MnO2. The student uses a 0.60 M KMnO4 solution. Find the normality of this solution.

Solved • Aug 18, 2019