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22 solutions

Making Solutions

Q. A student mixes 20.0g of salt in 100.0 g of water at 20C and obtains a homogenous solution. which salt could this be and why?

Solved • Dec 13, 2019

Making Solutions

Q. If the solubility of sodium acetate (Molar mass = 82 g/mol) is 76 grams per 100 grams of water, which of the following solutions would be considered supersaturated. a) 697 g of sodium acetate dissolved in 1000 g of water b) 451 g of sodium acetate dissolved in 500 g of water c) 148 g of sodium acetate dissolved in 300 g of water d) 98 g of sodium acetate dissolved in 200 g of water e) none of the above

Solved • Dec 8, 2019

Making Solutions

Q. Which interaction must be accounted for to determine if a solution will form? i) solute-solute ii) solvent-solvent iii) solute-solvent

Solved • Dec 7, 2019

Making Solutions

Q. Describe in detail, including what glassware or equipment you would use, how you would prepare a precise 0.200M solution NaCl.

Solved • Nov 16, 2019

Making Solutions

Q. How many grams of sodium acetate are in solution in the third beaker? Express your answer as an integer.

Solved • Nov 12, 2019

Making Solutions

Q. The solubility of NaCl in water at 20°C is 35.89 g per 100 mL of water. If the concentration of NaCl in water is 7.36 M at 20°C, what will the resulting solution look like if the temperature remains constant? Group of answer choices Unsaturated Saturated with some undissolved solids Supersaturated Saturated with no undissolved solids

Solved • Nov 12, 2019

Making Solutions

Q. Describe how you would prepare 500ml of 0.34%(w/v) standard silver trioxonitrate (V) solution form an analar grade sample of AgNO3.

Solved • Nov 8, 2019