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Q. If the barometeric pressure was 0.99 atm when the mercury level in an open-end manometer connected to a flask of gas was 177 mmHg higher on the side open to the atmosphere than on the flask side, what was the pressure of the gas in the flask in torr? Enter your answer with two decimal places and no units. (Hint: sketch the apparatus.)

Solved • Jul 28, 2019


Q. The pressure of a sample of gas is measured at sea level with a closed-end manometer, as shown below. The liquid in the manometer is mercury. Determine the pressure of the gas in the following units. (a) torr (b) Pa (c) bar

Solved • Jul 25, 2019


Q. Pictured is an open-end manometer filled with mercury. Rank the Δh values for manometers that have different liquids but otherwise have identical conditions.

Solved • May 22, 2019