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11 solutions


Q. 10. Assuming the air pressure in Midland, Texas is 7.10. mmHg, calculate the pressure of the gas in the manometer below.

Solved • Feb 17, 2020


Q. A pressure that will support a column of Hg to a height of 156 mm would support a column of liquid bromine (d= 3.1 g/mL) to what height?

Solved • Nov 23, 2019


Q. Calculate the pressure of the gas in the flask below, given that the barometric pressure is 745 mmHg.

Solved • Nov 19, 2019


Q. A flask containing neon gas is connected to an open-ended mercury manometer. The open end is exposed to the atmosphere, where the barometric pressure is 745 torr. The mercury level in the open arm is 5.0 cm below that in the arm connected to the flask of neon. What is the neon pressure, in torr?

Solved • Nov 19, 2019


Q. The pressure of a sample of gas is measured with an open-end manometer, as shown below. The liquid in the manometer is mercury. Assuming atmospheric pressure is 29.92 in. Hg, determine the pressure of the gas in the following.

Solved • Nov 4, 2019


Q. A mixture of nitrogen, helium, and neon gases is attached to an open manometer. The nitrogen exerts a pressure of 0.245 atm, and the helium exerts a pressure of 460. torr. If Patm=15.4 psi and the mercury level is 119 mm higher on the arm of the manometer open to the atmosphere, what is the pressure of the neon gas, in kPa?

Solved • Oct 27, 2019


Q. A gas in enclosed in a 0.250 L container and exerts a pressure of 103.8 kPa. The gas is transferred to 3.75×105 mm3 flask that is attached to an open end manometer, where the Patm = 772 torr. In mm Hg, what will be the difference in height in the arms of the manometer? Assume that the temperature is constant.

Solved • Oct 26, 2019