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3 solutions

Gold Foil Experiment

Q. Rutherford's alpha-particle scattering experiments Rutherford's experiment studied the deflection or scattering of alpha particles, now known as helium nuclei, as they passed through very thin gold foil. As detected by a fluorescent screen, most of the alpha particles passed through the foil but a small number were deflected at very large angles. Based on the data gathered in the Rutherford's scattering experiments, the concept of atomic structure was modified. Which of the following aspects of the structure of the atom were validated by these experiments? Check all that apply.

Solved • Feb 8, 2020

Gold Foil Experiment

Q. On the basis of Rutherford's experimental observations, which of the following statements describes the structure of the atom according to Rutherford's atomic model? Check all that apply.

Solved • Feb 8, 2020

Gold Foil Experiment

Q. Watch the animation depicting Rutherford's experiment and choose which of the following conclusions are correct. Check all that apply.

Solved • Feb 8, 2020