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4 solutions

Physical & Chemical Changes

Q. Predict what will be observed in each experiment below. A student sees tiny bubbles clinging to the inside of an unopened plastic bottle full of carbonated soft drink. The student squeezes the bottle.

Solved • Sep 14, 2019

Physical & Chemical Changes

Q. Identify the following as physical or chemical changes 1- coal burns 2- dry ice sublimes 3- AG (silver) tarnishes 4- milk sours 5- heat changes H2O to steam 6- wood rots 7- baking soda reacts to vinegar 8- pancakes cook 7- grass grows 8- a tire is inflated 9- alcohol evaporates 10- food is digested 11- paper absorbs water

Solved • Sep 10, 2019

Physical & Chemical Changes

Q. Which factor determines the state of matter in which a substance exists? a) color b) odor c) amount d) density e) temperature

Solved • Aug 27, 2019

Physical & Chemical Changes

Q. Is polymerizing a physical or chemical change?

Solved • Apr 16, 2019