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4 solutions

The Scientific Method

Q. In the course of a conversation, you observe that three of your friends like horror movies. Horror movies happen to be your favorite type of movie as well. You also know that all of these friends were born in the same week that you were, even in the same year. An astrology-loving friend hypothesis that people born in that week like horror movies more than other genres of movies. You decide to use the scientific method to test this hypothesis. What should you do next? Which of the following experiments would best test your hypothesis? What should you do next?

Solved • Feb 8, 2020

The Scientific Method

Q. A chemical theory that has been known for a long time becomes a law. A) True B) False

Solved • Jan 22, 2020

The Scientific Method

Q. The statement “The total mass of materials is not affected by a chemical change in those materials” is called a(n) A) natural law B) measurement C) experiment D) observation E) theory

Solved • Jan 22, 2020

The Scientific Method

Q. Turn this statement into a testable hypothesis; A person generally uses only 10% of his/her brain capabilities.

Solved • Sep 8, 2019