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Ch. 1 - A Review of General Chemistry
Ch. 2 - Molecular Representations
Ch. 3 - Acids and Bases
Ch. 4 - Alkanes and Cycloalkanes
Ch. 5 - Chirality
Ch. 6 - Thermodynamics and Kinetics
Ch. 7 - Substitution Reactions
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Ch. 9 - Alkenes and Alkynes
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Ch. 11 - Radical Reactions
Ch. 12 - Alcohols, Ethers, Epoxides and Thiols
Ch. 13 - Alcohols and Carbonyl Compounds
Ch. 14 - Synthetic Techniques
Ch. 15 - Analytical Techniques: IR, NMR, Mass Spect
Ch. 16 - Conjugated Systems
Ch. 17 - Aromaticity
Ch. 18 - Reactions of Aromatics: EAS and Beyond
Ch. 19 - Aldehydes and Ketones: Nucleophilic Addition
Ch. 20 - Carboxylic Acid Derivatives: NAS
Ch. 21 - Enolate Chemistry: Reactions at the Alpha-Carbon
Ch. 22 - Condensation Chemistry
Ch. 23 - Amines
Ch. 24 - Carbohydrates
Ch. 25 - Phenols
Ch. 26 - Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins
Types of Amines and Primary Amines

Amines can be tricky to name, that is why we will seperate them into categories so we have specific rules to follow. 

Concept #1: Naming Primary Amines

Sometimes common names are used for amines, but the majority of the time when naming 1˚ amines we will just add the suffix "amine" in place of the "e" at the end of a name.


Here is an example of how we name structures where the amine group is not highest priority.

Concept #2: Primary Amines as Substituents

Naming Secondary and Tertiary Amines

With 2˚ and 3˚ amines, we now have multiple R groups attached to our Nitrogen, so lets see how that affects how we name them.

Concept #3: Naming Secondary and Tertiary Amines

Essentially what we just did is name it as a primary amine using the longest alkyl chain, and then added the other R groups as substituents coming off of our "N"

Think you can handle one more? Let's give it a try! 

Example #1: Name the following amines

If you got that one correct, I'm impressed. But if not, don't sweat it! 


Rome wasn't built in a day and no one learned naming amines right away either – or something like that.

Additional Problems
What is the IUPAC name for the compound shown below? The name should have the format alkanamine.
Write the common names for these amines.
Identify the amines as primary, secondary, tertiary, or quaternary.
What is the IUPAC name for the compound shown below? The name should have the format alkanamine. 
What is the systematic name for the compound shown below? The name should have the format alkanamine.
Name the following compounds.
Draw the structure for N-methylcyclohexylamine.
Name the following amine
Provide the common name of the compounda. neobutyldimethylamine b. tert-buty!dimethylaminec. n-butyldimethylamined. sec-butyldimethylaminee. isobutyldimethylamine
Write the common names for the amines shown below.
Classify each of the following amines as primary, secondary, or tertiary. (Type only primary, secondary, or tertiary) 
Write the systematic (IUPAC) names for the amines shown below. The names should have the format alkanamine.  
 Draw the structures of the following amines and classify each as a 1", 2", 3 ,or 4" amine. Include hydrogen atoms in structures. 
Write the IUPAC name for the following compound: Spell out the IUPAC name of the compound.
Draw the structure of N-ethyl-1-hexanamine.
Spell out the full name of the compound.
What is the structure of but-2-yne-1,4-diamine?
Identify the correct IUPAC name for? Select one: a. 2-butanamine b. 3-methyl-3-propanamine c. 3-butanamine d. 1-methyl-1-propanamine
Write the correct systematic IUPAC name for the molecule represented by the line drawing below. If you cannot see the image, close your browser window and reload the test. 
What is the name of this compound? 
Identity which of the following is the correct name for this compound? Select one: a. 2-isopropyl-1-propanamine b. 2-isopropyl-3-propanamine c. 2, 3-dimethyl-3-butanamine d. 2, 3-dimethyl-1-butanamine
Name the following amine.
What is the name of this compound? a. diethylamineb. ethyldimethylaminec. trimethylamine d. ethylmethylamine e. ethylmethyinitride