Official course description: This course is the first part of a two-semester sequence of chemistry covering topics in general, organic, and biological chemistry. In this part, an introduction to the principles of inorganic (general) chemistry is provided. The topics to be covered include measurements, atoms and elements, compounds and their bonds, energy and matter, gases, solutions, acids and bases, chemical reactions and quantities, chemical equilibrium, and nuclear chemistry. This course does not meet the prerequisite for CHEM 123N, and cannot be used toward the CHEM major or minor. Students wishing to pursue advanced study in chemistry should take CHEM 121N, CHEM 122N, CHEM 123N, and CHEM 124N. Credit for CHEM 105N is not allowed if a student has prior credit for CHEM 121N. CHEM 105N + CHEM 106N satisfy four credits of the University's Nature of Science general education requirement. Corequisite: CHEM 106N. Prerequisite: knowledge of basic algegra.