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Ch.1 - Intro to General Chemistry
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Ch.3 - Chemical Reactions
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Ch.10 - Molecular Shapes & Valence Bond Theory
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Ch.13 - Chemical Kinetics
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Ch.15 - Acid and Base Equilibrium
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Ch. 17 - Chemical Thermodynamics
Ch.18 - Electrochemistry
Ch.19 - Nuclear Chemistry
Ch.20 - Organic Chemistry
Ch.22 - Chemistry of the Nonmetals
Ch.23 - Transition Metals and Coordination Compounds

An atom of 172Ta has a mass of 171.944740 amu. Calculate the binding energy in MeV per atom. Use the masses:

mass of 1H atom = 1.007825 amu

mass of a neutron = 1.008665 amu

1 amu = 931.5 MeV

Give your answer to 4 significant figures and DO NOT use E notation. No charity points will be awarded.......

a. 7.769 MeV

b. 12.421 MeV

c. 2.366 MeV

d. 1.523 MeV

e. 1.434 MeV


We are asked to calculate the nuclear binding energy in mega electronvolts (MeV) per nucleon for 172Ta which has an atomic mass of 171.944740

To calculate for the nuclear binding energy:

Step 1: Determine the number of protons and neutrons

Step 2: Determine the total mass of protons and neutrons

Step 3: Calculate the mass defect (∆m)

Step 4: Determine nuclear binding energy per nucleon

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