Chemistry Practice Problems Electrolytes Practice Problems Solution: Sugar is a _____. A) weak electrolyte B) nonelectr...

Solution: Sugar is a _____. A) weak electrolyte B) nonelectrolyte C) weak acid D) strong electrolyte E) strong acid


Sugar is a _____. 

A) weak electrolyte 

B) nonelectrolyte 

C) weak acid 

D) strong electrolyte 

E) strong acid


Establish the definition of strong, weak and nonelectrolytes and determine where sugar belongs

Recall that:

• Strong electrolytes: dissociate completely in water; include soluble ionic salts, strong acids, and bases

a. Ionic salts: those that follow the rules of being soluble in solubility rules

b. Strong acids: HCl, HBr, HI, HNO3, H2SO4, HClO4, HClO3

c. Strong bases: Group 1A and 2A (Ca and lower) metals paired with OH, H, O2–, or NH2

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