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Ch.1 - Intro to General Chemistry
Ch.2 - Atoms & Elements
Ch.3 - Chemical Reactions
BONUS: Lab Techniques and Procedures
BONUS: Mathematical Operations and Functions
Ch.4 - Chemical Quantities & Aqueous Reactions
Ch.5 - Gases
Ch.6 - Thermochemistry
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Ch.9 - Bonding & Molecular Structure
Ch.10 - Molecular Shapes & Valence Bond Theory
Ch.11 - Liquids, Solids & Intermolecular Forces
Ch.12 - Solutions
Ch.13 - Chemical Kinetics
Ch.14 - Chemical Equilibrium
Ch.15 - Acid and Base Equilibrium
Ch.16 - Aqueous Equilibrium
Ch. 17 - Chemical Thermodynamics
Ch.18 - Electrochemistry
Ch.19 - Nuclear Chemistry
Ch.20 - Organic Chemistry
Ch.22 - Chemistry of the Nonmetals
Ch.23 - Transition Metals and Coordination Compounds

The molarity of a solution is related to the amount of solute dissolved within a solvent. 


Concept #1: Molarity is the concentration of a solution represented as moles of solute per liter of solution:

Concept #2: Ionic molarity or osmolarity represents the molarity of dissolved ions in a solution.

Concept #3: Whenever two molarities or two volumes are given for one compound then a dilution is usually involved. 

Molarity Calculations

Example #1: Stock hydrochloric acid solution is 21.0% by mass HCl and has a specific gravity of 1.75. What is the molarity of the solution. 

Example #2: What is the concentration of nitrate ions in a solution that contains 83.3 g lead (IV) nitrate, Pb(NO3)4, dissolved in 700 mL solution? MW of Pb(NO3)4 is 455.24 g/mol.

Example #3:

How many micrograms of K2CO3 are required to prepare 120 mL of 0.325 M K2CO3? MW of K2CO3 is 138.21 g/mol.


Example #4:

If 50.0 mL of water is added to 80.0 mL of a 6.00 M solution, what will be the new concentration of the new solution?

Example #5:

To what volume should you dilute 72.93 mL of a 7.505 M LiCl solution so that 23.25 mL contains 2.25 g LiCl? MW of LiCl is 42.392 g/mol. 

Example #6: 870.0 g of water contains 0.990 g of sodium phophate, Na3PO4. Determine the concentration of Na3PO4 if the density of the solution is 1.10g/mL. MW of NA3PO4 is 163.94 g/mol.