Official course description: The honors program in natural sciences is intended for the outstanding student. Each student conducts an experimental (laboratory/field) or theoretical project under the close supervision of a faculty mentor. The data collected will be used to write the thesis. The thesis must contain original research of publishable caliber. The student will also write an abstract that summarizes the work for the educated layperson. Upon thesis approval, this abstract will be placed on the Department of Natural Sciences website.) An oral presentation must be made at a Bio-Med Society meeting or equivalent public forum. Library research alone does not qualify for an honors thesis. A student must be enrolled for a minimum of two semesters and a total of at least 8 credits of honors (6001H, 6002H). One 4-credit honors course (e.g., 6001H) may be part of a liberal arts ad hoc major. Because of the time needed to conduct laboratory or field-based research, students considering honors theses are encouraged to consult with a faculty member as upper sophomores or lower juniors. If the departmental honors committee approves the thesis, the thesis is submitted to the College Committee on Undergraduate Honors. Departmental honors are awarded after approval of the thesis by the College Committee on Undergraduate Honors. Students who do not complete the honors thesis or to whom departmental honors are not awarded will, nevertheless, receive credit for the honors courses completed (e.g., 6001H, 6002H).