The pH scale is useful in converting very small concentration values into more manageable numbers. 

pH and pOH

Concept #1: With concentrations less than 1.0 M the pH scale normally ranges from 1 to 14. 

Example #1: What is the hydroxide ion and hydronium ion concentration of a solution with a pH equal to 5.88?

pH and pOH Calculations

Example #2: Of the following options, a solution with which pH would have the greatest concentration of hydronium ions?

a) 4

b) 8

c) 11

d) 13

Example #3: What mass of HBr should a student mix into 250.00 mL of water to make a solution with a pH = 3.850?

a) 0.00286 g
b) 0.0547 g
c) 1.41 x 10-4 g
d) 0.0114 g
e) 2.87g

Practice: What is the hydronium ion concentration in a solution having a pOH of 3.62?